6 Facts About Washington, D.C.

6 Facts About Washington, D.C.

It’s the U.S. capital and a very interesting place indeed. There are many facts about D.C. that you might be interested to know. While it’d take endless pages to list all of the facts, we can provide a look at six of them here. Are you ready to learn more about Washington, D.C.?

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1.    It is easy to arrange bus transportation Washington DC to take your group to the state capital. Many schools use this transportation to take their students, but this is just one of them any groups that do not miss out on this opportunity.

2.    Approximately 693,000 people call Washington, D.C. home. Another one million people visit the nation’s capital on an annual basis.

3.    Washington. D.C. is home to the Library of Congress. This is the largest library in the world. Inside, you’ll find many interesting artifacts, as well as more than 1600000 pieces of material inside.

4.    The White House was first occupied by John Quincy Adams, the second President of the United States. Currently, there are a total of 35 bathrooms in the White House on six different levels. It is the most well-known structure in the U.S. and of course, D.C.!

5.    D.C. is a great place to visit for anyone who enjoys history. The National Mall, The Monument, The White House, the Lincoln War Memorial, and a plethora of other historical attractions exist in the city.

6.    D.C. uses letters to name their streets. But, you won’t find a ‘J’ street. This is the one letter of the alphabet that is missing, but only because the letter had yet to be invented!

Do you feel more D.C. knowledgeable than ever before? You certainly should, but there is still so much about this great place that you want to learn. Take the time to get to know Washington, D.C.!

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