How to Choose a Great Custodian

How to Choose a Great Custodian

A custodian is an essential staff member when you operate a business, whether it is a school, a church, or other facility. However, there are many custodians out there in the area and they’re not all created the same. Research the choices and never pick the first name that comes around assuming they’re all the same. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you need custodial services Jacksonville FL to ensure that you get the best that your money can buy.

1.    References: Make sure you ask for references from any custodial company of interest and check with them to learn their thoughts about the company.

2.    Reputation: What kind of reputation does the company have? It is easy to learn what other people think of a company when you read reviews, testimonials, and other free details posted online.

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3.    Pricing: Request an estimate of costs before you hire. Pricing should always be of concern because a good company is ready to give their customers a great deal. Take advantage of the estimates and get great pieces.

4.    Professionalism: You need a cleaning crew that is willing go the extra mile to keep your place clean. Professionalism is always an important quality that you should expect from the custodian of your choosing.

5.    License/Insurance: Do not choose a custodian that does not have a license in place or who lacks insurance.  It is easy to request proof of this information if you desire. Do not take any risks!

Do not rush to hire a custodian. There are some pretty good choices out there, but you must take the time to research to get the best for your needs. Use the five bits of information above to aid you in that process. You will be glad that you did.

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