Small Businesses Leave Fulfillment to the Professionals

Small Businesses Leave Fulfillment to the Professionals

Small or new businesses have enough to deal with getting established and marketing themselves to the world to focus on becoming warehousing and shipping specialists.

It is a delicate choice but when every penny matters, not handling this part of the business might be smart.

What fulfilment companies do

There are all sorts of things fulfillment services can do for growing business.

Managing Inventory

Let’s say your business is based in the back bedroom. You run your entire empire from 16-square-feet at the top of the stairs. If you had to hold the stock, you’d be sitting on it.

There are also enough outgoing packages you might as well live at the post office, but then you wouldn’t be marketing.

This is where they fulfilment company comes in. They can hold the stock, they can pick, pack and ship. You can take advantage of their shipping rates because they do this all the time. They help you with returns and can even answer the phone with your company name if needed.

There’s a price

Yes, there is. You must do the math, and it is quite a complex equation. Let’s say you need to store product in a temperature-controlled environment. Storing in a small corner of an existing one is probably better than building your own.

Think of the salaries for shipping and warehouse people. Are they offset by using fulfilment?


fulfillment services

Using a fulfilment company can make you seem a much bigger entity than you really are. Having the shipping and warehousing capabilities of a company that exists just to do this makes your entire organization look much more solid.


Running a business is about making decisions – this is one decision where you can get the facts and make the right call.

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