The Bear Necessities, And Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Bear

The Bear Necessities, And Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Bear

Of course, if you are madly in love with the big bear of your great outdoors, you are never afraid of the bear. And to you, this beautiful creature may be huge, but it is never bad. But for a majority of visitors to your great outdoors, those who only make occasional trips during their annual vacations, they remain petrified of the creature indigenous to your neck of the woods. But there is this. No matter how vigorously you place yourself on the trail, just like old Davie Crockett used to do back in the day, you are hardly ever going to see these magnificent beasts.

So seldom seen and so scarce are they that you have decided to preserve them in perpetuity. How to do this then? How about a lovely touch of bear carving then. And then place this great piece of art work in a prominent position in and around your lodge, inn, motel, diner, coffee shop or old curiosity shop, call it what you will. A good place to place such a work of art will be at the entrance to your establishment, inside or outside. That way your newly arrived guests will hardly miss the great beast of the woods.

bear carving

And will they still be scared of this fine specimen that you have placed before their eyes? Maybe, maybe not, you can never really tell with some frail folks. In any case, fear will quickly whittle away once you have given them that great big lecture tour of the bear necessities of the great big bear’s life. You know this already, a day in the life of a grizzly or cuddly bear even is no easy one what with all its threats and dangers. 

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